A new rail safety programme for 3-16s that encourages young people to stay Switched On around the railway

Through a range of age targeted films, interactive games and classroom activities, Switched On teaches pupils to be aware of risky behaviour and develop hazard-spotting skills.

From special journeys to everyday commutes, the rail network helps get us where we need to be.

Switched On is a suite of curriculum linked, age targeted resources covering three key age groups: 3-6, 7-11 and 12-16. With more than 13,000 trespass incidents a year, the programme explores the entire rail environment – from level crossings to tracks – and teaches students how to be switched on to the risks it can pose. 

3-6 years

Switched On Travels with Suzi

Pupils can join Suzi on her favourite trip to the nature reserve by following her special map, whilst earning up to six badges on their journey to become Switched On! The activities are flexible; pick and choose the badge(s) you’d like to complete. Each activity contains valuable lessons and are a mix of animation, supporting worksheets and slides.

7-11 years

Switched On for every journey

With a focus on developing good judgement and decision-making skills, Switched On for every journey not only asks children to identify potential dangers on their own journeys but to also spot risky behaviours in others. Using the interactive map to explore each resource, pupils are in put in charge of their own learning journey, with flexible activities from live action films to supporting worksheets and slides. 

12-16 years

Living Switched On

Young people often make responsible choices around the tracks but there can be times when their decision making can be compromised. Living Switched On explores a range of themes such peer pressure, the perils of group mindset and the impact of decisions. Activities are flexible and can be completed as a class or individually, from interactive games to hard-hitting films.


Stay safe with Thomas

Network Rail and Thomas the Tank Engine have joined together to help young children learn about staying safe around the railway. Follow Thomas on an exciting adventure around tracks, stations and level crossings as he learns how to behave around the railway.

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