Travels with Suzi

Join Suzi and all her friends on her journey to the nature reserve


From learning the importance of staying with an adult, to understanding what a level crossing does and how to behave around the rail environment, pupils will learn a range of essential Switched On safety skills.

Open up Suzi’s map below and pick a resource to start! Each stop offers the opportunity to earn a special Switched On badge.

Travels with Suzi

Teacher guidance


All activities are supported with teacher guidance notes for ease, outlining everything you need to know to deliver our resources with confidence. It provides key learning themes, outcomes and curriculum links, as well as additional delivery ideas and methods to support the use of the resources in the classroom and tips for remote learning.

Teacher resources

All 3-6 resources

We recommend exploring the Travels with Suzi programme through the interactive map at the top of the page. However you can also browse the individual resources below.