Train Driver

Train drivers have to stay Switched On to potential hazards when driving passengers to their destinations and sometimes their reaction speed is tested.

How quickly can you react to the potential hazards in the interactive game – Will you stop the train in time?

Trains travel very silently, and very fast and one should never intrude on the tracks. If your belongings end up on or near the tracks, you should never try to retrieve them – the risk of danger is always too high.

Not only is the electricity from the third rail always Switched On but train’s weigh around 4,000 tonnes and take the length of 20 football pitches before coming to a complete stop – so it’s likely you will not survive if you jump in the tracks.

Trespassing not only puts you in danger but also causes life-long emotional distress to those who witness the incident, including the train driver, passengers and victims’ family. That is why it’s always better to Switched On and never intrude on the train tracks.