Train Driver

Train drivers have to stay Switched On to potential hazards when driving passengers to their destinations and sometimes their reaction speed is tested. How quickly can you react to the potential hazards in the interactive game – Will you stop the train in...

Switched On reaction game

How steady are your hands? Can you make it through the electrical maze without being shocked? Try and see if you can avoid elecrocution!

Stopping Train

A train can never stop in time when travelling at full speed to avoid a hazard. Keep scrolling to see how long it takes a train travelling at 125mph to stop.

Tom’s Story

When 16 year-old schoolboy, Tom Hubbard, chose to venture onto the railway tracks and climb on top of a train in June 2014, he had no idea that this decision would change his life forever. The main You vs. Train campaign video can be downloaded here.

Tegan’s story

As an extension activity, pupils can listen to Tegan retelling her story and her desire for other people to learn from what happened to her. To run this activity, download or open the supporting resources below. Further information can be found in the teacher...